Welcome to the brand new Glamour Gazette blog. Here, we will post some beauty and fashion information, tips, product reviews, .etc a couple times every week. For now, the Gazette is run by one person, so it will take some time to get up and running. However, if anyone is interested in making the Glamour Gazette possible, please comment on the "Volunteer Columnist", and I'll contact you with more information. Thank you to all past, current, and future visitors of the Glamour Gazette. I hope you enjoy the first rendition of the Glamour Gazette. Best Regards, Mariah

Topics for the Next 2 Months

Here is a list of the upcoming topics that we will post about for the next 2 months (We will offer tips, product reviews, .etc about each of the topics and have one beauty and one fashion topic each weeks):


  • Week 1: Beach Body Fitness
  • Week 2: Acne and Summer Tops (Swimsuits)
  • Week 3: Lips and Summer Bottoms (Swimsuits)
  • Week 4: Eyes and Fashion Glasses/Colored Contact Lenses
  • Week 5: Face
  • Week 7: Hair and Hats
  • Week 8: Skin and Jewelery
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